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  • We hold cyclical scientific seminars and invite students, scientists and practitioners interested in the discussed topics to attend them.


    The “CSR” research seminar is a place of discussion attended by representatives of social science, social philosophers and business practitioners. The seminar has both research and application nature. Its main role is to create a discussion platform for people dealing with corporate social responsibility. We want to facilitate the exchange of views on various concepts and strategies of corporate social responsibility. We pay particular attention to Polish reality, applying solutions concerning CSR by closely cooperating with practitioners.

    Organizers: prof. dr hab. Janina Filek, dr Tomasz Kwarciński

    Good governance

    These are cyclical meetings devoted to the issue of good governance, concerning the problems of precise identification and effective solution of social problems by public authority bodies, with participation of stakeholders.
    The idea of the seminar originated among GAP and MSAP Department staff as early as in 2005. Among the issues discussed here are purely theoretical and methodological reflections as well as results of the research conducted on the local and regional self-government levels. The participation of foreign guests is an integral part of the seminar, as we take special care to place the issue of good governing in the international context.

    The texts presented on the forum of our seminar, after obtaining positive reviews, are published in the “Zarządzanie Publiczne” [Public Management] quarterly – a renowned scientific journal circulated in the whole coutry. Good governance website

    Organizer: Anna Chrabąszcz



    Philosophy and Economics

    The seminar is a place of an interdisciplinary debate between representatives of social science and specialists in social philosophy and philosophy of economics.

    The topics of our discussions included, for example, the concept of justice developed by Amartya Sen, the issue of scientific explanation in economics, the problem of economic model status, economic themese in John Rawls; concept of justice. The seminar is cyclical, it is held once a year in May, more information can be found at:

    The seminar is an event promoted within the Polish Network of Philosophy of Economics, more information can be found on the website:

    Organizers: prof. dr hab. Janina Filek, dr Katarzyna Guczalska, dr Tomasz Kwarciński

    Cracow Circle

    This theoretical seminar has been run jointly with the Jagiellonian University staff since 2010. Its title anf formula strongly relate to the traditions of the Vienna Circle, actively operating in Vienna in the 1920s and 1930s. We refer to its output and feel intellectual kinship with it as well as appreciate its methodological values. Many issues attracting our attention are the same as those occupying scientific thoughts and speculations of the “Vienna Circle”.

    We are inspired by their works and find motivation to reinterpret basic ontological and epistemological issues. We refer to the opinions of Alfred Schütz, Ludwig von Mises, Friedriech August von Hayek, Karl Popper, Karl Menger. In its first years the Cracow Circle has hosted many outstanding guests, such as a French scientist dealing with the issues of social complexity, Robert Delorme, a theoretician of economic systems, Charles Chavance (also from France), a disciple of Jürgen Habermas and a representative of the so-called Frankfurt School, professor Claus Offe, a renowned representative of the New Institutional Economics, professor Geoffrey Hodgson, well-known Polish sociologists and economists: prof. Anna Giza, prof. Piotr Sztompka, prof. Mirosława Marody, prof. Juliusz Gardawski and prof. Jerzy Wilkin as well as many other researchers, mostly from Cracow University of Economics and Jagiellonian University. In six years of the seminar history we have held discussions within five thematic modules:

    1. Cognition – knowledge – action (2010-2012)
    2. Social institutions and actions (2012-2013)
    3. Empowerment (2013-2014)
    4. Goods – norms – values (2014-2015)
    5. Continuity – change – evolution (od 2016 roku)

    Three special issues of “Public Management” quarterly were published as a result of the above meetings. You can download them from the journal website.

    Lektorium [Reading class]

    This working seminar is devoted to joint reading of books and articles on the methodology and philosophy of economics. Lektorium is open to all Staff, PhD students and students of Cracow University of Economics, as well as to people from outside who wish to read scientific texts and actively contribute to the discussion.

    We meet on Mondays at 18:00-19:30 in the Department of Philosophy, ul. Rakowicka 16, room 44a. Lektorium is an event promoted within the Polish Network of Philosophy of Economics, more information on the website:


    dr Tomasz Kwarciński, Department of Philosophy,

    dr Ryszard Kowalski, Department of Microeconomics at Cracow University of Economics

    The issues of public management methodology

    The aim of the seminar is to create a forum for sharing opinions and experiences in methodology of researching organizations operating in the public sector and for this sector as well as for the society. The seminar is devoted to selected and complex methodological aspects stemming from the emerging research paradigms and aproved research traditions adopting new trends. Due to its workshop nature the number of seminar participants is limited. Participants are selected on the “first come first served” basis.

    The seminar is organized by the Institute of Public Organizations Management.

    Questions concerning the seminar should be sent to:

    Meetings with ethics

    We hold debates on the most urgent and significant ethical problems occupying contemporary people’s minds. The meetings are open to all Cracow University of Economics staff and students who want to consider or discuss an essential ethical problem proposed by the guest-specialist. The meetings are cyclical and take place two times a year.

    Organizers: prof. dr hab. Janina Filek, dr Katarzyna Guczalska

    Interdisciplinary meetings

    A place of interdisciplinary reflection and discussion of social and cultural problems of the contemporary world. The starting point for the discussion is provided by presentations on issues belonging to various areas of consideration, which, as we believe, “trigger” the discussion of the participants representing various areas of science.
    The seminar is cyclical.

    Organizers: Department of Sociology