• Polski

  • Bal GAP: carnival costume party

    We like to  spend  time  together  besides  the lecture halls! Our  annual  carnival  ball  is  the  perfect  opportunity  to  have  fun  together  with  all  students,  graduates  and  the  Faculty staff.

    Each Ball has its own theme, so we can use our creativity to create cool costumes
    All the attractions are provided by the GAP Artistic Agency.

    We’ve organised:

    I Bal GAP: The 60’s

    II Bal GAP: In the land of fairy tales

    III Bal GAP: Military theme

    IV Bal GAP: Latin American tempo

    V Bal GAP: Wild West

    VI Bal GAP: The Cruise

    VII Bal GAP: The Bollywood vibes

    VIII Bal GAP: Wild Africa

    IX Bal GAP: Movie theme

    X Bal GAP: Polish communism

    XI Bal GAP: Olympic village

    XII Bal GAP: 20’s, 30’s – Godfather theme

    XIII Bal GAP: Oh gods! – ancient Greece and Rome

    XIV Bal GAP: GAP’n roll – music flow

    XV Bal GAP: The Magic World of Disney