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  • Only 4 small steps separate you from winning Prof. Jerzy Indraszkiewicz Award!

    1. Obtain an MA diploma of GAP Faculty at Cracow University of Economics by 30th September of the current academic year and ensure your average course grade is at least 4.0.
    2. Provide necessary documents (application, questionnaire, CV, confirmation of completing studies) to GAP Foundation before specified deadlines.
    3. Excel in scientific activity (for example participation in research and implementation projects, participation in conferences, publication of articles) or
    4. Have:
      a) achievement in sports (for example, participation in competitions, team plays) or
      b) artistic successes (for example, presentation of artistic works or music, receiving an award) or
      c) excel in activity for the academic community, non-governmental organizations, civic society (for example, voluntary work, participation in informal groups, scientific club, etc.) or
      d) excel in another activity, such as participation in projects, trainings, obtaining scholarships, initiating ventures, etc.


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